Engine and Gearbox Reconditioning

Abrasion and wear in engines, gearboxes, bearings and other mechanical systems are caused by friction between metallic surfaces. Traditionally, the application of lubricants attempts to create a separating film to prevent direct contact between metal surfaces. However, as conventional lubricants are unable to provide long-term protection for metallic surfaces under all operating conditions, developed a product that improves the superficial structure of metallic components subjected to friction on an enduring basis.

Coating technology is not based on modifications to the lubricating film, but instead relies on the modification of the superficial structure of components subjected to friction and the formation of a new and extremely smooth silicate layer. This silicate layer possesses excellent emergency running properties in the case of total oil loss and significantly reduces the lubricant and fuel consumption of internal combustion engines. In many cases, even previously damaged metallic surfaces can be reconstructed and sealed.

Nanocoating is effective wherever friction occurs when metal meets metal, for example in engines, gearboxes, bearings or other tribological systems.

Thanks to the restoration of worn surfaces and the reduction of friction and wear, products increase efficiency, reduce noise and lengthen the intervals for scheduled maintenance.

Nanocoating prolongs the life of engines, gearboxes and bearings and thus plays a considerable role in ensuring economy and reliability in everyday use.

At the same time, product makes a valuable contribution to the reduction of environmental impact: The treatment of internal combustion engines with Nanocoating significantly reduces emissions of CO, HC, NOx and diesel particulates.


  • Optimization of engine power
  • Reconditioning of grinding metal surfaces
  • Reduction of fuel consumption up to 11%*
  • Extension of lifetime
  • Durable wear protection
  • Improve of cold start properties
  • Reduction of oil consumption
  • Reduction of engine noise and vibrations
  • Reduction of CO-, HC-, NOx and diesel exhaust particulates
  • Emergency running properties in case of oil loss

Recommends a refreshing of the coating after 100.000 km.

* Proven in a VW Passat 1,9 TDI, BJ 2002, mileage 147.700 km

Application for Passenger Car

  • diesel and gasoline engines
  • gears
  • rear axles
  • bearings

Application for Commercial Vehicles

  • diesel and gasoline engines
  • gears
  • axles and differentials
  • shafts
  • compressors
  • bearings


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