High-temp Coating Grease for Bearings

Synthetic hight-temperature coating grease for all kind of bearings


  • Reduction of friction up to 33%
  • Decrease of temperature up to 20%
  • Reduction of roughness on metal surfaces up to 50%
  • Reduction of wear and abrasion, as well as reconditioning of frictional metal surfaces
  • Good corrosion prevention and durable wear protection
  • Very good adhesion and water resistance
  • Excellent load-carrying capacity
  • Prevention of pitting and grey staining
  • Lowering of vibrations and noise
  • Improvement of scuffing load capacity
  • Significant optimisation of primary material properties
  • Optimisation of lubrication film and emergency running properties in case of oil loss
  • Therefore reduction/prevention of costs of idleness
  • Reduction of spare parts demand
  • Extension of life-time of treated bearings


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