Electronics / Systems

Nanotechnologies are increasingly used in mobile phones, computers and other high technology equipment. The nano bit will not fundamentally change how your computer, your mobile phone, gaming console or your MP3 player operate, but it will make them faster, cheaper and with more memory.

The limits of the way we currently make computer chips is not far off. There is a drive in electronics and computing to create chips with more and more transistors to increase their processing power. But when the dimensions of these chips get smaller and smaller, problems start developing and they don't work properly.

Nano tools and processes are being used to allow the dimensions of these chips to continue shrinking and allow the processing speeds of computers to progress.

This may allow for better computers, phones and processing power in lots of other devices - woven into your clothes, in security cameras, even implanted into your skin, or that of your pet.

Even the screens used on computers and other electronics are being developed with carbon nanotubes that will improve upon the color, the contrast and definition of other display technologies. They may also allow much thinner or even flexible screens.

An area that is getting a lot of research now, but you can't purchase quite yet, is improved batteries for your laptop, phone or other electronic devices. These improved batteries could get a complete charge in just 5 minutes and their lifespan could be significantly increased.

All this makes significant benefits for many industries: Computer Manufacturers, Telecommunications, Other Communication Services, Other electronic equipment manufacturers