Anticorrosion is a unique product, based on nanotechnologies, with proven advantages to protect metal equipment from corrosion generated by all forms of humidity: moist, vapor, air humidity, condensed moisture, fog, acid rain, chlorinate and salt water. Can be applied even when metal equipment is already damaged by humidity. Works also at extreme temperatures from -80° C to +140°C.


  • Protects metal parts from all forms of moisture and rubber parts from deterioration due to the extreme temperatures
  • Removes rust, tar stains and dirt
  • —Restores the functionality of mechanisms and devices that are already affected by moisture and corrosion.
  • Lubricates and returns the full mobility to mechanisms rusted and blocked


  • Prevention, maintenance, repair and restore corrosion of any metal parts exposed to the risk of corrosion
  • Industrial and petrochemical plants
  • Construction and agricultural machinery
  • Railway equipment 
  • Port  installations and facilities
  • Ships and boats of all kinds
  • Bolts, nuts and other threaded connections.
  • Locking mechanisms, door locks, hinges etc.
  • Vehicles and equipment with chain drive, and mechanisms that are difficult to reach or dismantle
  • Conservation of joints and fittings, bearings and moving mechanisms
  • Metal products during storage in open areas or in damp
  • Hunting and sporting guns
  • Protection and maintenance of all types of gaskets subject to thermal changes


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