Fuel Saving Engine Oil Additive

Nanotech Oil Additive is a unique high-tech enhancer for crankcase lubricating oil. It is a breakthrough multi-functional oil additive/treatment for use with most internal combustion engine oils (conventional, synthetic and blended oils). Nanotech oil additive is formulated to immediately improve fuel efficiency through a cleaner burn, increase engine power/response, and reduce harmful emissions.


Using the same core nanotechnology as Nanotech Fuel Additive, Nanotech Oil Additive enhances the performance of engine oil and has achieved results no other oil additives can equal in increased power, improved fuel efficiency and engine protection as well as combustion chamber cleansing and piston ring deposit removal.

Under normal engine operation a small quantity of oil inevitably enters the engine combustion chamber. Although extremely small, this is sufficient oil to carry enough oil additive to be effective. Only a very small quantity of oil additive is required to achieve remarkable results.

Its unique nanotechnology enables oil additive to penetrate deeply into piston ring cavities and engine combustion chambers. When it enters the engine combustion chambers and is subjected to high combustion temperatures, it transforms into a powerful combustion enhancer achieving more complete combustion. It also acts as a combustion chamber deposit (CCD) cleaner, removing accumulated deposits from the combustion chamber and piston rings. The result is significantly increased power, improved fuel efficiency, engine protection and substantial emissions reduction.

Nanotech oil additive also contains premium quality oil additives such as dispersants, anti-oxidants, anti-wear agents and corrosion inhibitors which enhance engine oil performance and further prolong engine service life.

One treatment of oil additive lasts for the entire duration of an oil change (5,000-15,000 km or more). Easy to use and cost effective, fuel savings from one treatment can save many times the initial cost, in addition to providing engine and environmental benefits!

How to use?

Start using immediately by just adding correct quantity into oil the crankcase, thereafter use it for every oil change. Nanotech oil additive is compatible with all other oil additives. Maximum benefits will be reached after the engine has consumed several tanks of fuel.


  • Improved fuel economy (up to 15%)
  • Increased engine power (up to 10%)
  • Reduced exhaust emission (up to 50%)
  • Reduced maintenance costs (cleaner oil)
  • Longer engine life (cleaner oil)
  • Cleaner engine oil (beyond 15000km)
  • Reduced NVH (noise/ vibration/ harshness)


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