Nano Tyre Sealant

The product is a unique blend of chemicals which includes fibres, polymers and Thixogel™. Once installed into a tyre through the valve, sealant changes any ordinary pneumatic tyre into a “Puncture-Proof” tyre capable of,

  • Sealing punctures caused by objects up to 6.3mm (1/4 inch) on road vehicles.
  • Up to 12mm (1/2 inch) on heavy duty off road vehicles.
  • Maintaining CORRECT air pressure.
  • Sealing all porosity leaks.
  • Sealing minor rim leaks.

In the endeavour to achieve recognition for the product and in conjunction with numerous ballistics experts, it achieved the seemingly impossible and made an ordinary pneumatic tyre bullet resistant. The result of the testing programme was an amazing achievement which conforms to the requirements of the BS5051 'Ballistic' Standard - a world first for a tyre safety product!

Extends Tyre Life

Product has been tested and proven to maintain air pressure, retard aging within the casing, reduce heat build-up and increase tyre life on an average of 25% and higher in many cases.

Protects Against Under Inflation

Product has the ability to eliminate porosity, air migration and seepage, thereby allowing the tyre to maintain optimum air pressure, preventing tread separation & zipper ruptures.

Heat Reduction (#1 Killer of Tyres)

Product assists in protecting tyres from devastating heat build-up which is associated with friction caused by under inflation and/or overloading. Product contains specific ingredients that aid in the conduction of heat away from the tread area, by transmitting additional heat to the rim (which is the tyre's natural heat sink), resulting in a cooler running tyre for any type of equipment or vehicle, regardless of mission profile.

Lasts The Life Of The Tyre

Product contains a number of additives that protect the rubber from deterioration and can easily outlast the tyre’s service life. Product’s performance is not diminished by speed, distance or time.


City councils, police forces, armed forces, large and small transport operators, waste management companies, taxi and private hire firms, agricultural vehicle owners, farmers, van-based businesses, plant hire operators, motorcyclists, in fact any vehicle with pneumatic tyres.


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