Car Care

Windshield Sealant

Ultra-hydrophobic sealant for all automobile panes. The rain just bead up on the windshield.


  • Good visibility even in bad weather.
  • Resistant to antifreeze.
  • Panes remain clean much longer
  • Rain drops are blown off by the airflow when driving speeds exceed 40 Km/h
  • Simplifies the removal of insects, ice and dirt
  • Long lasting effect up to 18 month or 30.000km
  • Easy to apply


  • Water on the coated pane collects into droplets and rolls-off
  • Saving of windshield washing liquid per 60%



It is a very fast and effective way to protect and maintain all exterior automotive surfaces. Applied onto the car after washing, when a car is still wet.


  • A chemical bond is forming with the paint and previously applied protective coating, and refreshes them
  • The level of gloss for paint and water beading properties highly increases after a treatment with coating
  • Your car will stay clean longer, and be easier to wash with the increased protection


  • Can be applied by using a foam lance or a pump sprayer
  • Apply only to wet surfaces, preferably after washing the car, before rinsing.


Wheel Cleaner & Iron remover

Wheel Cleaner & Iron remover is an effective and extremely fast acting wheel cleaner and iron contamination remover.


  • It is less aggressive than traditional acidic wheel cleaners, yet just as effective
  • Its powerful formulation dissolves all iron contamination including harmful brake dust upon contact
  • An innovative colour change mechanism from clear to red indicates when the iron particles have been neutralised and can be safely rinsed away
  • Reduces the need to agitate treated surfaces due to its unique viscous formulation and superior dwell time


Polish for Car finish

Fine abrasive polish paste for conventional clear finishes. Very efficient. Removes P1500 scratches. The nano fine abrasive creates a deep shine without grey haze or streaks and is suitable for manual and especially machine treatment. Seal the polished finish with nano sealant to maintain the effect.


  • Nano sealant creates an invisible protective coating of nanopolymers
  • More than just the lotus effect
  • Fat, dirt, oil, and water repellent
  • Protection from the elements, small scratches, and insect and sap damage


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