Repair and Rehabilitate Roads

Insta Pave Pathole Patch (EIPPP) is a unique NO ODOR, ultra low viscosity, two-part liquid, nano-Plycarbon/ polycarbonate-intiggrated polyurethanehybrid polymer. When supplemented with graded aggregates, EIPPP is used to repair and rehabilitate concrete and asphaltic concrete pavements. This enhanced polymer forms a high performance, rapid setting, and resilient polymer nano concrete.


  • Within minutes of placement, durable, long-lasting repairs are able to handle vibration, heavy traffic, and thermal movement
  • Make repairs, resurface pavements, and apply protective coating in freezing weather or in the heat of summer.
  • Waterproof, chemically resistant membrane protects substrates from freeze-thaw spalling.
  • Stops further corrosion of reinforcing steel.
  • Liquid becomes solid in 60 seconds. Traffic Readyin 10 minutes.


  • Cracks, Patholes, Spalls
  • Resurfacing Walkways
  • Bridge Deck Overlays
  • Expansion Joint Header Construction
  • Create Transition Ramps between Mismatched Slabs
  • Warehouse Floor Repair
  • Control Joint Filler
  • Freezer Floors
  • Sub-surface Sealing
  • Slab Stabilization


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