Heat Insulation

An Energy Saving Technology - Insulating Additives for Paint are unique insulating products specifically designed to reduce unwanted summer time heat gain and unwanted winter time heat loss from buildings to which they have been applied. Products act in a manner similar to foil radiant barrier film which is commonly used in the construction industry. Products reflect heat, thereby enabling a more comfortable and temperature stable living environment with less heating and cooling requirements.

Products have been making homes, businesses, warehouses, schools, hospitals and industrial facilities more energy efficient for over a decade, and reductions of heating and cooling costs of 20% or more commonly occur through the application of these products.

17 years of evaluations, testing, and applications done by governmental agencies, independent testing laboratories, engineers and architects have all verified the energy saving potential of product.


  • Products work for you winter & summer, inside & out, year after year
  • Easy to use (They apply just like ordinary paint), safe, inexpensive, non-toxic, cleans up with soap and water
  • The simple and affordable way to improve the energy efficiency of any building
  • Products have proven to prevent or greatly reduce harmful interior condensation problems
  • Proven to reduce heating & cooling demands by 20% or more
  • Products reduce unwanted summer heat gain & winter heat loss by nearly 50% over traditional paint


Roof, attics, interior walls, exterior walls, cold damp basements & on all substrates such as wood, stucco, brick, metal, plaster, etc.


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