Cleaning Protection

3Gen Glass Effect - Window Dressing with Perfection

Nano-coated glass is different to normal glass. Surface tension at the molecular level changes the functionality of glass and other materials. The surface topography changes, becoming anti-static, superhydrophobic. The treated glass attracts less dirt, is deflective of grime and dust, and thus enables better light penetration and easy-cleaning.

Glass can become a display enhancer, enabling much more light transparency, contrast, reflection, sharply defining ornament beauty, increasing aesthetic quality of display goods, whilst enhancing signage architecture and shop interiors.


  • Reduces aggressive cleaning materials by 100%
  • Cuts window cleaning cycles by 50%
  • Reduces water usage for cleaning by 40-80%
  • Offers long term assets protection
  • 80% faster to clean
  • Affords “new look for generations” to signage
  • Prevents micro-scratching
  • Cleans, seals and protects all surfaces leaving a glossy shine


All glass surfaces inside and outside


Antibacterial Composite Active Coating

Composite coating for formation of an antibacterial photocatalytic protective layer based on titanium dioxide. The coating reduces concentrations of organic and inorganic pollutants in the air and also protects treated surfaces against UV radiation and buildup of stains. The strong oxidative surface of the coating is activated by natural light and is very effective in eliminating viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms.


  • Protects substrates and by means of its ecological photocatalytic effect
  • Cleans the air of organic pollutants and nitrogen oxides
  • Reduces the concentration of viruses, bacteria and molds, inhibits growth of lichens and other microorganisms that can erode concrete
  • Self-cleaning effect maintains clean surfaces and substantially extends the time between cleanings
  • Certified as a protectant for concrete, Anti-graffiti properties
  • In interiors, prevents contamination by mold, smoke and organic impurities
  • Very beneficial for allergic and asthmatic individuals
  • Large building, with 10,000m2 treated, can clean the air from one ton of pollutants annually
  • In addition protects the facade from darkening


  • GARAGES, BASEMENTS, SILOS, SHELTERS – Sanitation and cleaning of microbes, toxins, odors, automobile exhaust and fumes from the air.
  • ANIMAL FARMS (HUSBANDRY) – Reduction of epidemic risks
  • FOOD PRODUCTION – Reduced incidence of bacteria, funguses, yeasts, molds and other micro-organisms.
  • PUBLIC BUILDINGS, SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, BANKS – Maintenance of a sanitary environment, reduction of epidemic risks, elimination of odors and allergens, including extra disinfection in hospitals
  • FACADES, CONCRETE BUILDINGS AND ROOFING, Self-cleaning effect – protects surfaces from stains, appearance of moss and lichens. Ecological effect – actively eliminates the majority of organic pollutants and automotive exhaust products. Protects against UV rays
  • CONCRETE, STONE AND WOOD FENCES, Protects surfaces from stains, algae, lichens and moss
  • CONCRETE HIGHWAY BARRIERS, Protects surfaces against stains, appearance of moss and lichens and erosion of the concrete. Ecological cleaning of automobile exhausts from the air


Universal Bio Clean

Learning from Nature, Bioactive cleaning with high efficient natural agents against bacteria's and fungi. Products are water based and environmental friendly. No toxic ingredients, metal ions or Nano-Particles are applied.


  • Anti bacterial/ fungicide universal cleaner with long time functionality
  • Functionality can be specified adjusted to customers application
  • Microbial elimination efficiency is > 99,99%, tested against staphylococcus aureus
  • Main function adjusted as high effective


  • Easy to apply by spraying, wiping or dipping
  • Can be used for all kind of materials


Anti Graffiti

Protection against graffiti paintings. Sealant is an invisible, water - and dirt repellent, UV resistant coating. Protects the inner sides of the pores with a wafer-thin layer, the sealed surface remains breathable. A great amount of dirt is washed away by rain. The UV stability enables a long lasting protection of the coated surface, provided that it is not destroid by abrasion.


  • great hydrophoby + oleophoby
  • very good non-sticking properties
  • easy-to-clean effect on dirt deposits
  • invisible (thickness of layer: 100-150 nm)
  • solvent-free and odourless, chemical resistant
  • high pressure jet (50 – 60 Bar) possible
  • high efficiency due to low consumption
  • high temperature stability – UV-stable
  • absolutely frost resistant, no crack formation due to ice
  • significant reduction of moss and fungus formation


  • For porous substrate surfaces such as sandstone, concrete stone, terracotta, clay tiles or plaster
  • By spraying or dipping or industrial paint sprayer. Hardening of coating after 24 hours.


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