Nano-Quark Waterproofing and Repair

A range of over 180 exotic products to deal with water and fluid contaminant problems from waterproofing reservoirs and roofs, improving the foundations of new construction projects to restoration and repairs to older buildings, bridges, monuments or tunnels.

Nano-Quark technology products are hi-tech, high density, high molecular weight elastoglasoplastic material compounds for remediation, restoration, waterproofing, water repelling, transformation and/or sealing of concrete, metal, glass, wood and most all solid composition materials on earth and beyond.

Polycarbon/Polycarbonate compounds seek moisture from both outside and within while creating molecular and chemical bonding which is vastly superior to all other known products such as urethanes, epoxies and polyurethanes all of which merely bond mechanically.


  • Oil and Gas Refinery Remediation, pipelines, concrete and much more
  • Seaports, pier, sea wall, warehousing floor, roofing systems, facility maintenance
  • Off-Shore Rigs, pylon underwater, rust conversion/ protection, steel reinforcement, paint salt protection
  • Fleet Truck Maintenance, paint UV, window protection, soil retardant


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