Improving the Indoor Environment

A glass sealant reduces heat radiation during the summer as heat radiation in winter.

When we look at issues related to human health and the global environment into consideration, we must challenge ourselves to develop something new and change our way of thinking and instead look at the origin of the problem.

In summertime - heat radiation in real estate is high. Air conditioning has to work hard and costs are soaring.

In wintertime - although we are based in the Nordic real estate that is well received cold are problems that we lose heat through both windows, roofs and facades.


  • Excellent thermal resistance, it cuts more than 80% of near-infrared rays as a heat source. It prevents the window absorbing outside heat in summer and block indoor heat in the winter
  • Drastic cost reductions through energy savings, up to 20% energy savings. It exhibits such an effect that it can lower the setting on their cooling systems with 2c- 5c
  • Reduces UV radiation by more than 99%, cuts off harmful UV rays it protect the person behind the glass and prevents he goods (furniture and equipment's) in eg storefronts from being bleached
  • Heat insulation by 7~10°C in summer and very good effect on preventing cold air from the window in winter
  • Cutting condensation by 50% of normal case and very good effect on reducing CO2 emissions from buildings


  • Can be applied to all sizes of windows from inside whether the window is new or old. However, one can not apply on uneven surfaces, such as glass wire, curved glass, etc.
  • Excellent durability, a weather-resistance test in accordance with JIS (Japanese Standard Association) has produced a shelf life of 10 years, but in practice it will continue to operate even after


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