The First Color for Your Health

Color is a silicate (inorganic) paint which contains special nanoparticles, which have a special ability to merge to all forms of organic matter. Color can target and decompose toxic molecules, such as fungi, viruses and bacteria that get to its surface by a photocatalytic reaction. Product is the first color in the world, where the effective photocatalytic substance activates by both daily and artificial light. This unique formula is protected by a patent.


  • Destroys all kinds of allergens (very good for people with allergies, asthmas, other sicknesses)
  • Destroys mold on walls (especially good in wet and moldy environments)
  • Kills smells & odors like nicotine
  • Removes harmful hydrocarbons, including aromatics (benzene, xylene, toluene, etc.)
  • Removes phthalates (that means plastisizers from glues, rubber, carpet, paints, plastic, etc.)
  • Destroys germs


  • For all areas
  • Areas susceptible to formation of mold
  • In places where people smoke and walls need continuous repainting
  • Public areas, where there are children / preschool, school, entertainment centers /
  • Health facilities
  • Restaurant kitchens where there are strong cooking odors and the walls stain easily. 


Feel free to contact us and find out how your company or organization can benefit from this emerging technology.