Tree Protect

Hare, rabbit and deer cause phenomenal damage to young trees in the winter months, causing millions worth of destruction in forests and parks, as food becomes scarce. These animlas have the tendancy to browse and strip bark from trees, causing timber defects and tree death. In fact, deer can newly planted trees and damage can be serious in broadleaf forests, especially when the deer population is high. All young trees are at a higher risk during snowy conditions. The installation of preventative methods such as tree guards can prove to be very expensive.

Deer, rabbit, hare, grey squirrel have highly developed sense of smell, that are programmed to detect and recognise their environments at the molecular level.These animals with their wet nostrils, have super alert receptor neurons that, hard wired directly to the brain, detect in a whiff, aroma that reflects risk, threat or danger.


  • We have created a natural solution using bio-ingredients in nature to protect young trees from attack and reduce immunity-risk to animals such as deer, rabbit, hare, grey sqirrel, bank vole etc...
  • By using nanotechnology tools and techniques we are able to manipulate and encapsulate specific chemicals in nature that alert animals to fear and danger
  • When surfaces are sprayed with these chemicals, animals wont't touch them, even when hungry
  • We deploy the animals highly developed olfactiry nerves to protect the trees, the same way nature does


  • Young trees can be dipped in nano coating or sprayed
  • Young trees are planted in the traditional manner


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