Poultry Health-Hygiene

Red-mite are a menace to poultry farmers the world over. These insidious insects are difficult to see, hunt at night and target roosting hens, feeding on their blood.  Red Mite change colour from brown to red following a full meal. They leave chickens irritable, aggressive, reduce their productivity (can prevent laying) and cause anaemia throughout flocks.

Poultry farmers try all sorts of solutions to reduce infestation, from power-washing and aggressive chemical sprays (some try annual diesel washes to sheds)  to  even using flame-throwers!  The insects breed rapidly (7 day cycle), are active in the warm summer months and can be very distressing to flocks and financially challenging to businesses.

The Solution

Treatment of key surfaces areas within poultry sheds with Nano-Fluids can lead to major benefits for the protection & hygiene of poultry stock. In fact where traditional cleaning systems have been shown to fail, nano smart  fluids by mimicking natural insect repellent molecules  can drive lice and red mite out of buildings for ever. Indeed we can tailor repellent solutions to even target and repel rats, rodents, house martins, rabbits , hares also, using food safe, natural ingredients, that cause no harm to livestock or The Environment.

In addition these innovations bring environmental and cost savings benefit, aiding the REACH goals that banned the use of  many products recently within the EU.


  • Reduced risk of cross-infection using best in class hygiene methods
  • Enhanced quality of life for poultry livestock
  • Red Mite infestation elimination ( perhaps permanently- trials ongoing)
  • Lowering carbon emissions using energy efficient, cost effective products.
  • “Easy-Clean” methodology reducing labour time in excess of 40%-60%.
  • Water usage reduction 30%-40% (environmental benefit and cost savings on metered supplies).
  • Removal of aggressive chemicals (environmental benefit and cost reduction).
  • Enhanced quality of life for poultry


Simply spray all areas with the coating. Where surfaces are absorbent, with tiny cracks or crevices, drench the surface.


Feel free to contact us and find out how your company or organization can benefit from this emerging technology.