Reduce Watering

Whether a golf course superintendent, a landscape professional or a commercial grower, maintaining green and healthy turf grass ,trees shrubs, ornamental and bedding plants is no easy task-even under nearly ideal conditions.

Not a wetting agent or superabsorbent polymer, Product is instead an advanced, environmentally-conscious chemistry which forms a thin persistent film on root surfaces. Applying patented hygroscopic and humectant technolgies to attract moisture, product gives plants an important ally in the drought cycle.

Product captures and retains water vapor in the soil forming countless reservoirs that will prove vital to plant survival when moisture levels drop out of reach of the root zone.This prolongs healthy internal processes, reducing or eliminating drought stresses which lead to disease and pests.

Product- treated soil will readily accept moisture even during the driest conditions. Instead of channeling it away, the soil permits absorption and dispersion of newly available water, suspending it in the soil matrix and making it readily available to plant roots.

Persisting through multiple waterings, the cycle of capturing vapor and droplet formation repeats, ensuring that plants have an uninterrupted supply of vital moisture. The film also travels with roots as they grow.

As your plants respond to changing moisture conditions, be assured that they will benefit from product lasting effects.


  • Reduce watering requirements by up to 50% or even more
  • Reduce or eliminate drought stress cycles
  • Enhance nutrient & pesticide efficiency
  • Control or eliminate dry spot problems
  • Improve seed germination
  • Improve transplant establishment
  • Protect non-irrigated or poorly irrigated areas


  • Farming & Agriculture
  • Nurseries & Greenhouses
  • Landscaping, Turf grasses
  • Golf Courses & Sports Turf
  • Home Lawns & Gardens
  • Containerized Plants


Feel free to contact us and find out how your company or organization can benefit from this emerging technology.