Reducing Cell Count & Preventing Mastitis

An innovation in environmental dairy hygien. Dairy farmers the world over know the cost an infection from mastitis can bring to their herds: veterinary bills, costly antibiotics, high cell count, a drop in production and a lower price for their milk and this can happen before the farmer knows he even has a problem. NanoLand Baltic and their nanotechnology partners have developed a product that stops the infection being spread through dairy equipment.

Applying a natural long term antimicrobial coating to rubber milk tubes mitigates the risk of mastitis when using milking machines and related equipment.


  • A new natural antimicrobial coating that works specifically to eradicate bacteria and cross infection
  • Using non-aggressive, natural ingredients
  • The coatings work in seconds on contact with bacteria


  • Simply spray-on “SafeCow” to any equipment that is shared between animals to remove risk of cross infection
  • All coatings are food safe and environmentally friendly


Feel free to contact us and find out how your company or organization can benefit from this emerging technology.