Textile and Garments

Nanotechology in the textiles and garments industry is in product innovation by enhancing the properties of existing materials. Solution of the leading adopters of Nanotechology treatments by applying Nano scale material with biodegradable properties.

Aim is to contribute applications to give a Green Earth concept by providing the Nano treated fabric and garments with the following functions :

  • Oil, stain, dirt and liquid repellent
  • Anti-microbial & anti-odour
  • UV resistance
  • Perfume finish
  • Flame retardant

The excellent protection against stains, as stains do not penetrate into the fibre, it can be spot cleaned away, reducing the number of home launderings. Thus saving the Electricity, Water consumption to contribute our Green Earth concept.


Fabric: Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, Polyester cotton, Linen, Silk, Home textiles

Garments: Casual wear, Sports wear, Kid's wear, Shirts and Pants.

Uniforms: Medical, Food-service and Protective work sector

Home Furnishings: Pillows, Bed Linens, Curtains, Carpets and Sofa cushions


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