Down and Feather

Using nano technology and a proprietary application process, has created a water repellant down filling material that effectively eliminates all of the previous negative attributes associated with down. In addition to making the down water repellant, the nano treatment also provides anti-microbial and anti-bacterial protection, benefits that will be much appreciated by the avid outdoorsperson.

While down has long been recognized as the lightest, most efficient insulator for outwear and sleeping bags, the major drawback has been down’s susceptibility to moisture, which greatly decreases down’s ability to insulate. And after down gets wet, it takes a long time for the down to dry out and insulate effectively again.

These negative attributes are a thing of the past. A micro-thin nano polymer is applied to the down, creating a water repellent, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial insulation that actually floats on water. It repels water while maintaining its loft and insulation value, even in the wettest of conditions.

How does the nano treatment affect the performance and feel of the down? Not at all. The micro-thin treatment does not affect the fill power or feel of the down. And it still maintains it ability to “breathe”, which is a key factor for comfort. Unlike synthetic insulation fibers, down actually helps wick away moisture keeping you dry and comfortable.


Outwear, Sleeping bags, Pillows, Duvets


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