Staff Uniform Protection

Product is the latest innovation in scrubs, lab coats, isolation gowns and other medical work-wear that keeps you clean, cool and dry. By allowing doctors, nurses and support staff to wear their traditional medical uniforms, the important healthcare worker-patient relationship is maintained.

To protect clothing from contamination, staining and saturation, manufacturer uses fluorine/ silicon oxide-based technology to create textiles that are naturally self-cleaning and repellant to bodily fluids, water, oil, dirt and dust. The technology uses hydrophobic and oleophobic properties to create a structured surface that repels fluids much like the non-stick surface of many plants. Instead of a broad surface barrier, the technology binds to the individual fibers keeping garments clean and dry.


Repels Fluids and Resists Stains

  • Contains a flourine silicon dispersion that makes garments naturally self-cleaning. Fluids literally bead up and fall off the garment
  • Keeps contaminants away from your skin. You stay clean and dry on this inside
  • Creates a microscopically structured surface so fluids, dirt and oils cannot adhere to the surface, much like the non-stick surface of many plants
  • The technology binds to the individual fibers of the fabric which keeps garments breathable and highly durable, unlike a fabric coating

Contains An Antimicrobial

  • Contains a silane-based quaternary ammonium chloride antimicrobial to prevent degradation from micro organisms and to control odors caused by bacteria
  • The antimicrobial has never been shown to allow microbial resistance or adaptation

Stays Clean, Cool and Dry

  • Hydrophilic properties wick moisture away from the skin on the inside of the fabric
  • This enables rapid evaporation and stimulates the body’s natural cooling process
  • Maintains a professional appearance even when you perspire
  • Resists perspiration from being transported to the outside of the garment
  • Dries noticeably faster than untreated fabrics
  • Is breathable to keep garments clean, cool and dry


  • Unisex Scrubs - Top 1 Pocket, Top 3 pocket, Pant
  • Lab Coats - Short Lab Coat, Long Lab Coat
  • Shirts - Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Gowns - Multi-purpose Reusable Gown


In hospitals, dental units, elderly folk homes, food processing factories, slaughter houses, etc.


Feel free to contact us and find out how your company or organization can benefit from this emerging technology.