Refrigeration System Cleaner

According to the Carbon Trust “Energy consumption in the [food] sector could be considerably reduced by implementing simple and effective energy saving measures, reducing carbon emissions and cutting the costs for businesses”.

Vehicles fleet operators spend vast quantities of fuel running refrigeration units for perishable stock. With the cost of fuel steadily rising thought needs to be given to controlling these on-going costs. Little thought is given to the continuous build up of dirt, dust and grime that collect on evaporator and condenser vent fins, which restrict the movement of air, causing higher fuel usage and unit operational stress which leads to increased maintenance and downtime. Associated costs however can be controlled and reduced.

Using a unique, tried and tested system we can clean and protect the coils and prevent the build up of dirt on the coil blades by 60%, and thus enormously increase the operational efficiency of mobile refrigerators. The method does not damage the fins or cause corrosive damage by using harsh chemicals and the after clean treatment ensures the coils are protected for maximum efficiency.

From a one off fleet deep clean to a preventative maintenance programme the system offers a return on investment from day one.


  • Reduce dirt build up evaporators and condensers vent fins
  • Increase the time span between maintenance schedules
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Increase refrigerator shelf life and optimum performance


  • Coatings are microscopic, a few microns in diameter and thus poise no obstacle to air movement
  • All kind of refrigeration system, A/C, Mobile, etc.

Many businesses can reduce their energy consumption by 10-40%. However, it is important to be realistic: many companies start with savings of 5% per year. By focusing on the maintenance and selfcleaning of evaporator and condenser vent fins, we can guarantee savings of at least 5% pa on your refrigeration and maintenance costs, with improved efficiency and unit longevity. In fact, one hospital in Sweden recently saved a phenomenal capital investment simply by applying AC Technology.


Feel free to contact us and find out how your company or organization can benefit from this emerging technology.